Some guys and some games

During my studies at The Game Assembly I’ve taken on a few roles. Most recently & during most of the second year I’ve been the Systems, Animations & Engine guy, responsible for expiditing and maintaining various functionality that the other programmers needs. Also taking on various gameplay related tasks when needed.

Here’s a list of guys I’ve been in the past (And in some cases still am, to some degree):

  • Particles Guy
  • Audio Guy
  • Collision / World Interaction Guy
  • UI Guy
  • Mouse Guy (Yep, point & click needed a mouse guy)

—————————— And——————————–

In backwards chronological order here are the games I’ve worked on.


Some things I did:

  • Decals & Brains Implementation = )
  • Base Networking system, along with teammate
  • Base physX integration & system, along with teammates
  • Various: Drag effect for bombs, particle system upgrades(more movement patterns, distortion to angles over time, mesh particles)

Download at IndieDB


Some things I did:

  • Animation (Updated animation system with merge blending & additive blending, as well as added system for attaching models to bones)
  • Pathfinding (Smoothing algorithm, What is walkable, visible, prevent illegal movements etc)
  • Raycasting (Implemented and worked on making this functionality smooth for others, and me, practical and fast to use)
  • Leap (The leap ability)

Download at IndieDB


Some more things:

  • Animation (Basic system for handling and playing skinned animations)
  • EntitySystem (Built an in-engine structure to handle entities by the sum of their components, along with a teammate)
  • Basic engine system set up (Concurrent Postmaster, system for handling models, game-engine thread communication pathways, Transform class, basic rendering, Sprites

Download at IndieDB

A Drink To The Past

And now we’re getting into the first year games.

  • UI (Most things UI. Dialogue, Menu, HUD, Inventory along with handling of quest items, dynamite etc.)
  • Audio (Implemented effects, system for handling audio)

Download at IndieDB

Iki And The Owl Of Blight


  • Particles (Made most of the effects & improved upon the system I built for the previous game. Added collision to particles for water effect)
  • World / Tile / Collision handling (Managing all the tiles & facilitating a collision / overlap checking system for the other programmers & the sometimes tricky performance issues involved)
  • Various: Scrolling background, Slope Slide,

Download at IndieDB

Perkele Saatana

Our first C++ Game.

  • Particles & Effects(Made most particle effects & implemented basic system for particles as well as a spritesheet animator for explosions etc)
  • Various: Zeppelin, Shield-Ship, Turrets(and missiles), Intro
  • Spline movement(Was, along with a teammate involved a lot in making the spline movement of enemies work smoothly)

Download at IndieDB

Spacescape Conundrum

Written in Love(Lua)

  • Mouse guy (Various interactions with objects)
  • Sound (Implemented & Tuned a most of the sounds)
  • Various: Fuze puzzle

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